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Pretty nice animation. Good work.

Brilliant as always.

I don't tend to give out 5 stars, but this trailer deserves it:

1) Great art style and animation
2) Quality voice acting
3) A simple, but perfect narrative that gave you everything you needed to know about Larry
4) Perfect timing with a newsworthy video game event
5) Awesome hook that is making sit on the edge of my seat waiting for the 1st episode!

Great job, guys!

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I am really enjoying this game, but I stumbled on something. Not sure if this is intended or a glitch:

In the dragon-riding bonus level, I don't like how you take damage from merely letting the enemies pass you. It makes no sense in the context of the game. What are you guarding back there? Having to destroy every enemy in front of you to pass seems an unnecessary burden, coupled with the fact that the block for picking up the gems seems smaller than the one to get damaged by enemies.

The glitch, if it is one, is the fact that this level seems to run on an endless loop if you don't pass it. I'm not given an option to leave like the 8-bit ghost level. As a bonus level, I don't see this as a good element because it is forcing the player to repeat a part of the game multiple times if they fail, that they could have easily passed by.

It's functional. That's the most I can say for it.

It's a nice platformer, but some of the level designs need work. There are some where if you miss a jump, you can't get some of the nuts without restarting the level. There should be a way to get back up there if you want. I also found in one of the levels that by going to one side of the map, it was impossible to get to the other, because a platform would block your jump and land you right on a spike trap.

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Great pic, all around. I'm loving the colors and the shading. And the background is stellar! The plane and contrail detail is particularly nice.

One piece of constructive criticism for future works: Her neck/head seem a little too far back; even with considering how far out her chest is sticking and the arch in her back. Centering the head slightly (very slightly) to the left could make her posture more natural-looking.

Great work either way!

Wow! That was made in GIMP? I'll have to practice more once I get a new tablet.

Wow, this just brings back memories of Shadow of the Colossus. It has such an ominous feel to it, filled with a sense of apprehension, uncertainty, and emptiness.

skullzNHERO responds:

Love that game :D

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